Tuesday, August 4, 2009

monkeyin' around, and using up some scraps

In my never-ending quest to use up a giant stash of paper, here is a card that I must say, I am quite happy with!! This Daisy D's paper screamed at me a year or two ago when it came out, and I HAD to have it. But then. . . .I hardly used it! It's so stinkin' cute though, and I love these sock monkeys!

Tomorrow I head to the doctors, and start my every-week appointments! YIKES! I am hoping they will have SOMETHING interesting to say, other than "Baby looks good. You're measuring a little big. You're looking a little swollen. See you in a week." Last appointment, I swear the doctor was practically handing me my file and saying "See you in two weeks" as he walked IN the exam room door. Don 't they realize, us pregnant women survive from visit to visit, hoping for SOMETHING interesting to share with everyone who says, "So, how was your doctor's appointment?" (Something other than, "I gained 8 pounds!")
(card goodies: patterned paper - Daisy D's, cardstock, ink - CTMH, stamp - Kitchen Sink Stamps)


  1. lol..... Your card is so cute! Love the monkey and banana paper!

  2. LOL...at this point any weight gain is purely water weight not that that makes you feel any better, I know. Positive thoughts that you have some fun news tomorrow...

    LOVE this cute little card! smiles...

  3. I guess in your case, no news can be good news so just continue to grow that baby. LOVE the card.


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