Thursday, September 24, 2009

what i've been working on. . .

Okay, so I really cleared away the cobwebs, and spent a few minutes here and there, working on some cards. It's just that they are for assignments that can't be shared just yet!!!! So in the meantime, here's what ELSE I've been working on . . . adding to those chub rolls on my chunka lunka little baby man. Here he was just chilling out on my bed after a bath. My world is definitely a brighter place with a chubby little nakey baby in the house!!!!
I promise - I will have some more cards to share soon. You know what, I just realized I DO have a few more tucked away to share, that I did before Tanner was born. I'll make ya wait though - I'll post them tomorrow!!! ;) (Meanie, meanie me!!)


  1. awwww, he is such a little cutie!!! smiles...

  2. OH MY GOSH!! He is the SWEETEST thing! If I lived closer, I'd come hold him and snuggle that little man right up!!

  3. In the top picture of Tanner, I see Eric, Why is it I always feel so compelled to say who a baby looks like? I just can't help it, but I sure love seeing the pictures!

  4. Oh Laura, so, so sweet! Nothing beats a baby just out of the bath.

  5. oh my werd! Laura,this is the best little eye candy I could ever ask for. Thanks so much for sharing him with us. YOu are so blessed! HUGS, girlie!

  6. Congrats on your new chubby wubby adorable baby! What a cutie pie!! I love your blog and your gorgeous cards Laura, wonderful work!

  7. He is just soooo cute! Babies always make me go gaga. You are so blessed. he certainly looks content.

    Hugs Carol x


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