Thursday, October 29, 2009

just for you. . .

Happy Thursday! This is one last card created from Keep in Touch Card Shop goodies.
How's your week been? I finally got to the grocery store today . .. I only tried for three days before I finally made it! The little little man had his 2 month checkup yesterday, and survived his three shots. My big old chunka lunka is in the 95th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height!!! I told ya he is a big ol' fat baby!!!! (I LOVE it!!!)
Tomorrow my Big little man has a costume parade at school, and a Halloween party. He is super excited!!!! This weekend we start celebrating my hubby's birthday. I will be sure to share the baseball cake I am planning to make!!!
And now, the little little one wants to be fed. . .again. . .gotta keep up that 95th percentile business, I guess!!!! Have a great day!!!


  1. This card is BEAUTIFUL Laura!!! Those baby shots are so hard, my 8 yr old daughter just got one in each problem(better then some adults I've given shots to). I just LOVE chunky babies....that's how they are suppose to those legs!!!

  2. That is a big baby! Sounds healthy and happy :) Have fun with your upcoming events!

  3. love that card! and what a big guy you have! cam is in the 75th now. :)

  4. aww, Laura, this card is just darling! smiles...


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