Wednesday, July 21, 2010

forgive me!

I am gone, but I have not forgotten my little bloggity blog. We've been out of town, and right now I have a not-so-consistent internet connection, combined with, quite frankly, a disinterest in updating my blog!!!! I love the seven or so people who are actually reading my blog, and I WILL be back. Next week, if not sooner, I will have some projects to share.
Hope you are having a terrific week!!!!


  1. Don't worry about it. Have a great time and we'll see you when you get back. I wasn't able to blog while at Convention and then on to visit family. I was gone two weeks, but I'm sure the world didn't change because I didn't blog during that time. LOL

  2. hope you are having a fun time away, and are getting some creative time!! or at least some good photos!!!

  3. Just want you to know that there has to be more than 7 or so people checking out your blog! I haven't commented on your blog except during the recent TSOL blog hop but I do check in frequently and I have been missing you :)


You're so sweet to say HELLO! :)