Monday, August 30, 2010

happy thoughts

I'm sending myself happy thoughts today as I head into a slightly CRAZY week! Someplace to go every morning this week. . .yikes!

This card is for this week's CPS sketch, number 183, sponsored by Flower Soft. Flower Soft has been so very generous with us, and I have added all sorts of beautiful colors of Flower Soft to my stash! I paired the Flower Soft with some stamps from Unity Stamp Co. To really give LOTS of depth to my tree, I applied the Flower Soft, let it dry, and then I added another blob of glue on top of each circle, and added MORE Flower Soft! The tree looks really puffy in person - I love it!
Have a SUPER week!!! I am off to pack a lunch and get the second week of school on it's merry way!


  1. Fuzzy stuff again! Very fun. Is it the same as the card below? And how come no one else is talking on this blog? I know I am not the only one looking here regularly. Speak up peeps! Doesn't Laura make the best cards?

  2. I meant same fuzzy stuff, not that the cards are the same.

  3. I know right. . .no one talks to me. Hardly anyone, anyways. And hardly ever. But YOU do Nancy, and I appreciate it! :) And no - this is DIFFERENT fuzzy stuff. The other was called Sparkly Fluff. This is Flower Soft. :)

  4. Who could have known that so many different fluffy fuzzy products could be created for crafty artists?
    And who could have know those artist would be SO SILENT??? Hellooo...echo echo echo.......I know you are out there ....out there....out there...

  5. Who could have know(n) I couldn't spell! Sheesh! Embarrassing. I hate it when that happens.

  6. And I love you my early morning Laura!


You're so sweet to say HELLO! :)