Sunday, November 14, 2010

One of the coolest things. . .

Perhaps you may have noticed, but for AGES (like since the day they opened their doors. . .actually even before that, when they only designed stamps) I have been SMITTEN with October Afternoon. (Then again, who isn't?)

So a few months ago, when they started their "Designers We Love" and I was invited to BE a DESIGNER THEY LOVE (gasp!) I was totally tickled pink!!!!

Last week, I got a MONDO. . .seriously big, box of October Afternoon product in the mail. Out of the blue, a total fabulous fun and SURPRISING surprise (surprising. . .that's what surprises usually are, aren't they??) ;)

We were out of town for the past few days, so I've hardly had time to REALLLY dig into it, but here are the first two cards I've made, using the Modern Homemaker line. It is retro and bright, and totally adorable!
I paired these sweet patterned papers and embellies with cardstock from Discount Cardstock (of course!!!) The Frosted Teal Prismatic, and the Gray Prismatic match quite nicely with the retro colors in this paper!

I hope you've had a GREAT week, and a fabulous weekend. I've got to hit the ground running every day for the next two weeks, to accomplish all I need and WANT to do!!!! Lots of fun stuff going on, and I am feeling QUITE festive and excited about the holidays!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'd love it if you'd leave a comment, and let me know what fun stuff YOU are up to!



  1. OMG! How I have missed this?!?! I have never even seen this line!!?!! Laura, your cards are GORGEOUS!!! smiles...

  2. Suh-weet-ness!
    enjoy your new supplies. :)

  3. i love both of the cards laura, super cute and that paper is so fun!

  4. WOW! Love your cards! Cool retro look!


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