Saturday, March 12, 2011

seriously people?

Okay, REALLY? I know I don't have a million blog readers . . . but I also know I have more than FIVE.  And there must be more than five people who read this blog, that do laundry.  Yes, I'm talking to YOU.  Why would you NOT want a coupon for free laundry detergent?  Go leave a comment on the post below, and while you're there, click on the link to Purex to learn about Purex Complete Crystals Softener.

And you just might win something for FREE!


  1. Sorry Laura - I would *love* to get a coupon for helping me do my laundry but they don't sell Purex over here in the UK ;)

  2. I wanted to get the coupon, but you must have a Facebook account so that nixes it for me! Sorry kiddo!

  3. Could I get a coupon I do have a faceBook account? Hi Laura Ilove reading your blog, you think a bit like me, you are what in my neck of the woods say for real! thank you. stay for real


You're so sweet to say HELLO! :)