Thursday, September 22, 2011

loved and unloved . . .

I have QUITE the stash of October Afternoon papers and goodies, leftover from my stint as a "Designers We Love" at OA.  Apparently, somewhere along the way, us "designers they loved" were dropped, without a word,  but at least I have this big fat box of papers to ease my disappointment!  These are just two REALLY quick cards I made, using Campfire papers.  I have been a busy little bee making cards, and little goodies for the craft fair at my church next month.  Not too many cards, since I have about 200 of them already, but I needed a few more masculine looking cards for the selling-stash.

And now, onto my treasured Scenic Route paper.  I was THE saddest person the day I found out that Scenic Route was closing its doors.  I have HOARDED this paper ever since, but really, I NEED to use it up, and purge the stash of unused products.  SO, I have been making up card sets, using this super simple paper-strip design, with cute simple sentiments from Tami Mayberry's stamp set at Gina K.  I LOVE the hodge-podge feeling of the papers together, and the way all the cards come together in the set, coordinating . . .but NOT coordinating.  And it feels AWESOME to use up all this paper.  So far I've made about 40 of these cards.  (And yes, I am getting pretty sick of them now!)

I was going to use these sets as Christmas gifts, for teachers and such.  But I think I'll try to sell them first! If they don't sell, I'll have built-in gifts, but if they DO, it's not big deal to whip up some more simple card sets later in the year!


  1. Did you not know that Sarah now has an online store?

    (I still have a stash of old SR paper as well! LOVED her stuff. And her too! Such a doll!)

  2. yes, but i can't use any of it for publication, and I try not to keep stuff around if I can't use it for pub. it just gets too confusing!!!!! but yes, i know about the store - and its all SUPER CHEAP right now!!!! (although, the shipping costs make up for the cheapness!!! ;)


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