Sunday, October 16, 2011

candy! candy! candy! (treat pails and craft fair oh my!)

I finally finished up the candy pails that I'm making for next weekend's craft fair!  I set up my "practice booth" in the garage yesterday, took pictures of it, and figured out what all I need to finish up.  (If you missed some of my other craft fair goodies, you can see them HERE)

 I used the FABULOUS stickers from E.A.D Designs on these pails and tags.  They are AWESOME stickers.  You can hardly see that they are stickers! Totally amazing, and FUN to work with.  They sponsored us at CPS a few months ago, and I just happened to have a few stickers left! The little monsters are PERFECTION on these fun treat pails!  I made some matching cards too. . .but I think I forgot to photograph them!

My mom is a ROCKSTAR, and has this amazing stash of every shape and size of clear bags, from  She helped me a TON to get ready for the craft fair, because she's done about a thousand of them in her life! She gave me these cutie patootie skinny bags, and the idea to do these little M&M treats.  I used fall M&M's, and just added little tags and ribbon.  I am trying to decide how much to sell these for. . . . so do tell, how much would YOU pay for these? And how many would you likely purchase? (I'm trying to decide if I need to package them in 2's or 3's.)  I think they would make darling Thanksgiving table favors/decor. . .or party favors.  Or Halloween treats! Or the perfect add-on to a birthday gift!

And because I REALLY DO want your input, if you leave me a comment on this post, (whether you tell me how much you'd pay for a cute little sleeve of M&M's or not) I'll save one little treat bag, and send it along with some other goodies to a lucky person! Okay?  I'll give ya a day or two, so check back and see if you won! (Make sure I can reach you via email, Facebook, 2peas PM,  or SCS - okay?!)

EDIT: here's part of my challenge with the candy pricing. . .i have to use whole-dollar increments (because there's going to be one central place to pay - which means i don't handle the money) so if i charge 50 cents each, I have to package two together .. .and charge a dollar.  


Sue said...

I would think .50 each would be more than fair. Or do a "special" at 3 for $1.25.

I think you're gonna do well at the craft fair. You've got a nice selection of goodies.

Michelle said...

The candy pails are darling, especially the princess monster. I would do two of the M&M sticks for $1. I would pick up several at that price and I think 50 cents each should cover your cost plus time, right? Also if you do 2/$1, if someone's buying $4 or $9 of other stuff, s/he'll likely toss 2 tubes in to round up.

Jamiecrafts said...

way cute laura, i have seen these all over and i think it was 1.50 for just one so if you did 2 in a bag and charged only 1.00 i think you'd be out before you knew it. love those pals too, the stickers ARE perfect! good luck :)

how about 1 for one stick or 3 for 2.00?

Leanor said...

I love the monsters on the pails. I am really digging cute little monsters lately. The fact that they don't particularly look like stickers is even better. Oh you've done so much to get ready for this fair. I hope you do well...I'm sure you'll do well!

Kim said...

Ive gone to that site and cant find those long skinny bags. How are they titled?

Laura Williams said...

According to the description, this should be it - but the photo is misleading.

Also, I found them here on Etsy:

I hope that helps! :)