Saturday, May 19, 2012

watch out . . .i'm grouchy! :)

One more reminder about the Bazzill Card Shoppe giveaway! Last call. . .I'll draw a winner around noon EST today. This is GREAT cardstock - I know there are more than four people reading my blog. 
 So, um - REALLY? You don't want something FREE? (Helllo?) 
I'm feeling a little snarky and grouchy today, so I'll work hard to bite my tongue. . . .
but really, I'm wondering why I BOTHER sometimes. 
(Thanks to the four or five of you though, who talk to me regularly!) 

Hoping to sweeten up my morning with these bright cheery popsicles from the patterns4pops set at TSOL!  I love how this "pattern" for the pops has an almost photographic feel to it.  It's very cool.

I'm working on some top-secret magazine work right now, but I hope to be back with more new projects to share soon. (Maybe. Unless I keep feeling snarky and grouchy, and decide to hide all my projects from you.)



  1. Sorry you're feeling unloved. Eat one of those yummy looking popsicles and I'm sure you'll feel better! :)
    And please don't hide all your projects from us...

  2. Have a sweet day, don't be grouchy!

  3. Hi Laura!
    I met Stephanie at the Manchester, NH show and told her how much I love the cards that you make with her stamps. Practically no one leaves a comment on my blog either so I know how you feel and plan to make an effort to leave more comments on your blog. Carol

  4. Take a Chill Pill! That is my mommy advice. It's a lot like people who ONLY complain about services, products or people and rarely take the time to sing the praises. It doesn't mean people don't read your blog...they are just in a hurry, lazy, or don't know how to express themselves.

    Everyone still enjoys your posts!

  5. Hi I am your newest follower! Sorry I missed the giveaway and that you were not feeling the love. I am in love with this stamp set and all the other sets Stephanie comes out with.


You're so sweet to say HELLO! :)