Sunday, May 20, 2012

winner winner chicken dinner!

Yesterday got away from me, and I didn't post my Bazzill Card Shoppe winner!!!!
I had my little man draw a number and he picked number FOUR . . . .which happens to be Sara M!
Hooray Sara!!!! :)

And I didn't want to leave you without a card, so here is my CPS card for the week.  Remember, this whole month is sponsored by Momenta.  A winner will be drawn from all the CPS participants for the month, and a lucky winner will receive a fabulous Momenta prize package! 

Amazing how so many people chimed in after my little rant yesterday . . .
maybe I should get sassy more often? ;)
Giggle giggle!


  1. Who won the chicken dinner?

  2. You did, nancy.... I'll meet you in FtM in a few weeks so you can claim it :)

  3. Love the bold colours (especially that yellow polka dot) and the diagonal twine.

    I found I got a lot more comments on my blog when I commented back to people and just left more comments in general. Just a thought...


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